Imagine Africa International (IAI) is an independent, not for profit international organization. It is impartial and tied to no political, partisan or national interests.

IAI ambitions to become a coalition of think tanks, policy research centres and advocacy groups dedicated to the advancement of Africa and the world.

IAI seeks to improve the quality of policy making in/on Africa especially in areas related to South-South cooperation, regional integration and decentralization.

These three strategic axes being explored to foster economic growth ,social justice,

enjoyment of human rights and environmental protection.

IAI works to empower thru knowledge African policy-makers, economic and social

actors by creating, managing and strengthening spaces for policy-dialogue enriched by inclusive participation of all stakeholders (governments, business communities, scientific community, civil society organizations, local governments, media…).

IAI is provisionally headquartered in Paris, France.

SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION Will be operational by october 2010

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